First Video Tutorial, and the Top 3 Rules

A little while ago, I created my first video tutorial for crochet and uploaded it to Youtube. I learned a quite bit doing it.

  1. Natural light is your friend. Seriously. Record a little bit away from a nice big window and your stuff will look great.
  2. Don’t worry about getting it right on the first take. Youtube has great editing tools. I wasted time downloading After Effects and Premiere. Save yourself the download wait (which for me was an eternity being stuck on a shitty 3 Mbps internet connection).
  3. Use a tripod or DIY setup for your camera that isn’t too big. I made a setup out of a clear storage box by flipping it upside down and cutting holes in the side and a small hole at the top for my phone’s camera. The box was almost too big which caused my arms to be in a funky position.

And now, without further ado, here is my video:

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